Monday, August 4, 2008

How UiTMT students can improve their English?

English is a vital language, and is being learnt as one of the compulsory subject since in the kindergarte. However, nowadays most of the UiTMT students seem to take this subject for granted by ignoring how important the English is. They find this subject is hard to learn. Consequently, they cannot afford to achieve the best result in the examination. However, in fact there are many ways for UiTMT students to improve their English.
One of the way to develop their English is by reading a lot of English materials in various forms, like magazines, articles, newspapers, and journals. This way will improve their personal vocabulary. They may learn new terms that relate to the tasks given by teir lecturers, for instance. Besides that, they also are going to learn words that will help them to express their feelings, ideas, and even their needs. Last but not least, this way assists them to increase their grammatical accuracy. Therefore, through reading English materials, students will increase their knowledge in English.
Other than that, in order to improve their English is by taking the English dictionary as a companion. It leads them to have in-depth understanding of the language. When they are waver of any word's pronounciation, always look it up in the dictionary. Correct pronounciation at words is extremely important for understanding during communication process. Through this way, it helps them a lot in enunciate English vocabularies effectively, pronounce words clearly and distinctly. Thus, through this way, any kind of intelligibility in pronouncing English words is surely prevented.
The other way towards this goal is by practising to speak in English. Remember that, practice makes perfect. Try to talk to friends and lecturers in English. Not only during class hours, but everytime. They can participate in any discussions in class, as theycan learn more about English from others. Students, mostly are too shy to speak out. To improve their English, they extremely should eliminate this nagative behaved. It is a prevelance when a beginner try to express his adeas in English, he will mispronounce words, and even use the wrong stress and intonations. Remember, in the learning process, they learn from their mistakes. Therefore, through practising to speak in English, UiTMT students can develop their fluency in communicating with others.
The last way to delevop their English is by increasing their self-concept and self-esteem. Including their feelings and thought, about their strenght and weaknesses, their abilities and limitations. they have to place the values on theirselves in developing their English learning process. Both of these aspects of the selves are important, it is thought because success breeds success. When they are think they can improve their English, then they are likely to act like a success. They will make the best efforts for it. But, when they think they cannot improve their English at all, then they are likely to act like a failure. Thus, by increasing both of these selves, UiTMT students can become more confident in theirselves.
To conclude, these four ways, reading English materials, taking the dictionary as a companion, practising to speak in English and increasing self-concept and self-esteem, will help UiTMT students to improve their English skills.

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Miss Syaz said...

you are on the right track..please be careful with the use of your discourse markers..e.g. However, in fact, must know how to use them correctly..overall, it's a good essay..keep up your good work..